BG Cleaning Systems India

BG Cleaning Systems is a broad based cleaning services company that meets the needs of all types of facilities with all kinds of cleaning needs. BGCS was founded in 1995 in Reykjavík, Iceland by Benedikt Hjálmarsson.

Our customers range from some of the largest corporations, public and private institutions, establishments, insurance companies, supermarkets, homeowners’ associations, and more...

Our services range from regular janitorial cleaning services to special cleaning services, such as floor maintenance, insurance claim clean up, post construction clean up, general cleaning, window washing, carpet and upholstery care, and many more.

Our customers can rely on our well trained competent staff to maintain a clean and healthy environment,which is more conducive to better health and work production.

Our customers can also rely on BG Cleaning Systems India to value their confidence and trust and perform with a high degree of confidentiality and strictly adhere to the strictest security regulations.

Our goal is to deliver high quality services and ensure customer satisfaction. These are our primary goals.

Our vision is that BG Cleaning Systems India will expand their range of the services and broaden the range of clients so that we can grow the business and grow our cleaning teams to meet the customer’s needs.

Our mission is to continually improve & strengthen the quality of our services and always stay current with the technology advances in the Art & Science of the Cleaning Industry.

This is our plant to raise the cleaning standards of BGCS in India.

Our goal for our franchisees is to create an effective system for running a successful and respectable cleaning businesses by making a BGCS franchise license affordable for anyone who is motivated to get ahead in their own cleaning business. We want motivated interested entrepreneurs in India to have the opportunity to succeed in starting and running their own cleaning business.

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