Special Cleaning Service

We have almost two decades of providing cleaning services for all kinds of facilities. Our range of services has grown over the years as we respond to our customers and understand their cleaning needs. What we offer is both regular and special cleaning services.

Our special cleaning services include:

Construction can be very messy and after the contractors finish their work, typically there is a lot of dust and dirt left behind. We can clean up your new construction or remodeled space to make it clean, healthy and ready for you.

General Cleaning

Our general cleaning services include walls, ceilings, windows, cupboards, ovens, restrooms, and whatever else you need to have cleaned. You are in good hands with BG Cleaning Systems' because we bring decades of experience and can give you top quality results.

Special Events Pre and Post Clean Up

When you are planning a special event, whether it is moving day, a special party, a concert, a show, a convention, or any other special event we can solve all of your event cleaning needs. We have a staff of highly trained professionals. BG Cleaning Systems is the ideal partner to make your event extra special.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

BG Cleaning Systems has the total solution for all your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs.

Windows, Walls and Ceilings Special Cleaning

BG Cleaning Systems will take care of all your cleaning needs for windows, walls and ceilings. Our professionals can give you top quality results.

Hard Floor Special Care

BG Cleaning Systems provides all kinds of floors care for many types of facilities. We can deliver a total solution including floor polishing, floor waxing, floor scrubbing, floor buffing andfloor restoration.



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